Saturday, April 23, 2016

Take time to smell, and see, the roses

I'm thankful:

1. This week I received the name of the Bibleless people group I've been assigned to pray for. It's Bulgarian Sign Language. Bulgarian Sign Language is one of 130 languages in the Deaf Sign language family. The European Union of the Deaf estimated in 2014 that there were 50,000 users of the language. According to the Joshua Project they have no part of the Bible in their language. If you want to get a Bibleless people group to pray for go to: To learn more about the Bulgarian Sign Language group, see these links: The Ethnologue and the Joshua Project.

2. My climbing pinkie rose bush has been really beautiful the last several days. I've been stopping to the smell the roses every time I go by. I also stopped to take several photos. Here are a few of them. Sorry I can't include the fragrance too :-). This first one is from my new 'smart' phone. The others are from my regular camera. The water droplets you can see on some of them is from the heavy rains we had during the night. I was pleased to see how well the roses weathered the weather and were still so pretty afterwards. If you click on the first one you can see a larger view of them in a slide show format. 

3. John took a half vacation day this Thursday. We have a lot to do as we look ahead to furlough. We got a lot done.

4. No one got injured today when John helped friends pour cement today.

5. I finally filed some papers that have been laying around getting in the way for the past couple of weeks.

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Melissa said...

Beautiful roses.