Friday, April 8, 2016

everything and the kitchen sink

I'm thankful:
1. I'm Finally making progress renewing my Australian visa. Filling out the form anyway. But that is huge. I guess that 'round tuit' I mentioned in my last post is really big :-)
2. Learning how to use my new 'smart' phone. It was handy and fun to use it to show my Mom a couple of photos her sister and brother-in-law sent.
3. We had a nice 'date' dinner on our patio this evening. It's lovely weather at the moment. The dining table in our kitchen is so messy and cluttered with papers i didn't want to look at them for our date night dinner.
4. John is very thankful that the 'magic-erasers' are doing such a good job of cleaning our kitchen sink that I'm thinking we won't need to replace it after all.
5. The plumber got us all fixed up Wednesday afternoon. When he removed the old pipes he discovered they were all terribly corroded. He said it was surprising they held together as long as they did. It's nice to have my kitchen put back together again. And I down-sized some stuff that was under the sink so it's a bit more organized.

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