Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sink recommendations wanted

I'm thankful:
1. for the nice comment on my blue bonnets post from D! :-) Thank you!
2. my new "VeryKool" smart phone safely arrived today. (yes that really is the brand name! :-). There is a lot of set up to do of course, but for now it is charging happily next to my old flip phone and pda devices. Hopefully they don't realize they are about to be replaced!
3. I was able to run the dish washer today despite the broken pipe under our right-hand kitchen sink. John was working under there last night to repair another (minor) problem and pulled on the pipe to help maneuver himself. It broke apart where it was soldered (?). It looks like it is too damaged from hard water deposits to weld back together so we'll need to get a plumber out to replace the pipes. I've been wanting a new kitchen sink--the surface is very damaged and worn. So this seems a good time to replace it. We aren't sure what sort of sink to get, so this morning John duct taped the pipe back together. It only leaks a little. Any sink recommendations would be appreciated! Please also include advice on pros and cons, and care and feeding.
4. My dentist appointment was postponed until next Tuesday! Yay. The day they called to reschedule I had just been thinking how much I wished we didn't have deal with that today! I love it when that happens!
5. I managed to scan more old family photos recently and added them to my Mom's digital picture frame yesterday. She was very happy to get them.

a few favorites:

 Dad (on right) in 1959 Rose Parade in Pasadena CA. Click on the photo to see it better.

Brother with Grandma

Brother's first birthday
1975. My Brother and I on his 14th birthday. I was 11 at the time.

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