Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My thankfulness addiction

I'm thankful:
1. I feel sad when I don't record my thankfulnesses every day. I wonder if that means I'm a thankfulness addict? At least a thankfulness journal addict. It's still a challenge to have a truly thankful heart all the time. But worth working on!
2. for a book I'm reading called, "Healthy Brain, Happy Life" by Wendy Suzuki. She is a neuroscientist who specializes in studying how exercise affects the brain--it's good for it! Not only does it increase several good brain chemicals but it also increases neurogenesis and cognitive function. Now I really want to exercise more.
3. that John ran the dishwasher tonight
4. that my head stopped hurting
5. that the package (my sim card for my new smart phone) arrived safely today. (mail and packages often get misdirected by a certain delivery company. But this time they did well! yay!)

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