Saturday, March 12, 2016

Being thankful even if I don't want to

I'm thankful,

1. Although I didn't like the way it was done or the reasons given, I'm thankful we have been relieved of our commitment to work in toddlers and nursery this year

2. for clarity regarding deciding about trip to Israel. I don't think I can handle the stresses involved in making a big, busy, demanding trip right now, so we need to cancel it. Maybe we can just take a virtual tour. Last night we had fun looking at photos and info on-line about the various sites the tour group will be going to. We also have all those boxes of slides from John's long-ago trip to Israel and Greece that we've been planning to scan and digitize sometime.

3. That God is in control even if it doesn't feel like it

4. For my patient husband who is willing to cancel our plans--even if we don't get a full refund.

5. That being thankful really is good for me even when I don't feel like it.

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