Monday, April 4, 2016

Finally got a "round tuit"

I'm thankful:
1. For communion yesterday. I found it especially moving. The music was much less dominant than usual so I could really pray and think about Jesus--imagine that! The exhortation was given by a young lady that I appreciate and admire who had some really good thoughts on God's strength in our weakness. And I finally got up the courage to take a gluten free cracker for myself to use. (I usually break a crumb off of John's piece of communion bread. But my doctor said since I have celiac I should not even eat that little bit of gluten.) I wasn't sure how it would feel to take my own. But I did not feel weird or self-conscious. And it was a blessing to have it.

2. I finally had the Ellis AC people come out today to clean out our clothes dryer vent hose. It's the part that goes up through the wall and vents the hot air out through the roof. It's been almost three years since they did it last and the dryer was getting less efficient. I kept meaning to call them, but somehow, it never seemed to get to the top of my todo list. Now it's done and should last a couple of years. And tonight John took the front of the dryer apart and cleaned that too, so we are set for a while.
        Did you know that accumulated dryer lint is one of the leading causes of house fires? I'm not talking about the filter. We clean that after each use. But there is always a little lint that doesn't get caught by the filter. It accumulates and needs to be cleaned out every couple of years or so. Maybe more often if you use your drier a lot. I can tell it needs doing when it starts taking longer to dry the towels.

3. This weekend I discovered the product: Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser (I actually bought a cheap knockoff version). They were mentioned on-line as an easy way to clean stains from some types of kitchen sinks. I bought some in hopes that it would fix the stain problems with our current sink. Not sure if it is a good long term solution for that yet. But I discovered they make a lot of other cleaning jobs super easy. With one or two quick swipes they clean coffee and tea stains out of mugs, hard water deposits out of drinking glasses, and the scuff marks off the skirting board at the base of our kitchen cabinets.

4. I also managed to finally do some heavy duty dust removal in my room today. Some of my decorative dolls, stuffed animals, a lamp shade and top shelf were covered in a thick layer of dust. I've been meaning to clean them for a while. Today I finally got to it.
5. since the first two actually have multiple thankfulnesses listed i actually have more than five even without doing this one!

I detect a theme today. It seems that some how without my even knowing it, I must have gotten my very own "round tuit". :-)

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