Friday, January 8, 2016

Maybe it's just hormones

I'm thankful:

1. the white turkey chili i made last night turned out better than i expected--despite my leaving out the garlic and cayenne pepper.

2. so far no digestive disturbances from the "hatch" green chilies i put in it (they definitely have more heat than the regular mild canned green chilies i have used in the past.)

3. my loving husband finished washing the rest of the dishes last night after i went to bed.

4. i made another batch of bone broth yesterday (started the afternoon before) with leftover turkey bones. The timing was unexpectedly helpful as i needed more for the chili than i expected.

5. Maybe I'm not crazy after all, and i suspect the headaches, foot cramps, and clumsiness this week are likely mainly hormonal--and not early onset dementia or Parkinson's!! What a relief! (i won't mention why I think that here. If you really want to know you can email me ;-) (since my Mom developed both dementia and Parkinson's, I have occasionally worried I might be getting them too :-(

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