Saturday, January 2, 2016

I can swish again!

I'm thankful:

1. I can swish again! (after the implant surgery they said: NO SWISHING! But now I can. What a relief!)

2. Today we nearly caught up with entering receipts and reconciling accounts in Quicken for 2015!

3. had a fun time Thursday celebrating our anniversary. Went to Dallas Arboretum and saw the 12 Days of Christmas displays and the Nativity collection in the DeGoyer House. Then we met my brother for lunch in downtown Dallas /or should I say "uptown" Dallas. After lunch we three went to see "Jerusalem 3D" at the Perot Museum.That evening John and I had a special dinner at home--candle light, roses, real linen table cloth and napkins. We topped it off with strawberry "cheesecake" (gluten free & dairy free)! It tasted like the real thing to me. That could be partly because it's the first time in two and a half years that I've had anything approximating a cheesecake! But I'm fairly picky about tastes and textures and this is a very good imitation. We will definitely be buying those again!

4. managed to figure out how to iron the linen table cloth with out dragging it on the floor or getting it too tangled around the ironing board. Iron the edges then fold it in half length wise then iron it on one side. Turn it over while keeping folded and iron the other. Fold it in half again this time cross wise and repeat. I guess I could have folded it differently. But anyway the result is the same. Do until it seems wrinkle free and folded to the size you want. Fold more if desired.

5. finally got the blood stains out of my comforter/doona cover. And then washed, dried and a few minutes ago put back on the comforter and on my bed just in time for beddy bye!

6. Managed to write this blog post in under 30 minutes! I'll add pictures later!

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