Friday, January 15, 2016

Being thankful helps prevent discouragement

I'm thankful,

1. John is scanning another box full of papers! Yay! This time Bible study notes and articles on various topics. A number of years ago I carefully organized them into hanging files arranged by topic. They have since sat untouched in John's closet! But we can't bring ourselves to just pitch them into the recycle bin--what if we want them some day? :-/ So John is scanning them. This has the added benefit of freeing up the hanging file folders for other things. There will also be more space in John's closet. I am hoping (against hope) that it might then have the affect of helping him to get better organized and tidy away some of the clutter in his room! But now I'm meddling.

2. This morning at breakfast I read some sermon notes on discouragement that were unearthed by the scanning project. One of the ten causes of discouragement listed is "failing to be thankful for small things." A nice little encouragement that I am on the right track :-)

3. It also said being too easily influenced by others is another cause. Also a timely reminder since I tend toward that weakness. In fact was feeling it's influence today especially.

4. Tonight we finally used up the Pei Wei gift card! --we actually got there and remembered to use it once there!

5. The food at PW was much better than it has been for a while! My new favorite thing is their Gluten Free Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls--yum!!

Please feel free to leave comments and tell some things you are thankful for!

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