Friday, July 29, 2016

Day Five - Frantic Mode

John wanted me all packed by end of today. So what are we doing? Suitcase shopping. Makes sense, right? Sigh. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get the blood pumping!

I stole a moment to peek at--and photo--the plumeria when I went outside to hang the shower curtain on the clothes line. Glad I did as it is really outdoing itself today.

I'm thankful:
1. that we got some new suitcases. They're the kind with four wheels. I keep thinking of them as the swirly kind--can't remember the real term. John is at another store getting another one as I write. My feet hurt too much to go. Meanwhile I'm supposed to be going through my toiletries...

2. For God's peace. I was feeling panicked earlier today. But feel much better at the moment.

Well, need to get cracking!

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