Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trying to feel better

Devotional today says, "Our beings are so constructed that we begin to feel like what we affirm."*

I definitely want to feel different at the moment. Thankfulness has not come easy lately. Too sick. Worrying symptoms. And now, when I am about to go to the doctor, some of them have subsided. I hope that means I don't have anything very badly wrong! It's confusing. Hope the doctor doesn't think I'm imagining it.

So how do I want to feel? Healthy of course! Happy naturally! I sort of want to feel thankful. But mainly because it might help me feel happy. Not sure that is a very good reason. Also because I want to write something here. Seems suspect too. How about, because God tells us to be thankful in everything. That should be a good enough reason. He can sort out which of my other motives are off.

I'm thankful:
1. I am feeling somewhat better.
2. That R read my blog and liked it!
3. That I have warm clothes to "rug up" in on a cold day.
4. For the nice things that R & J said about my writing this morning
5. That Mommie seemed to like the daffodils from our garden that we took her Sunday. Not really traditional Valentines Day flowers, I know, but they were so pretty I wanted to share them! And I felt too unwell to bother with doing anything else.

*White, Anne S., "Healing Devotions," page 36

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