Friday, February 5, 2016

Clearing clutter addictive!

"supposed" to be working on homework for small group, but want to list a few thank yous instead (I guess you could say I'm procrastinating on the homework because it was making me think too hard!)

I'm thankful:
     1. that my sudden fever and unwell feeling last night passed and I feel better this morning. So I was not getting the full-on flu after all! (was afraid I was as I had the stomach flu last Sunday.)
     2. that we were not able to reach S in time last night to tell her not to come over for dinner and meeting. She came and helped with dinner and I felt better after a little rest in my recliner. So we had a nice time at dinner and the meeting went well.
     3. since I don't seem to be getting the flu, I can stop worrying that I infected Mommie when I went to see her yesterday.
     4. that Mommie got a good chuckle (not quite a full laugh but close!) yesterday when I told her about something funny that happened a few days ago
     5. That I made more progress with clearing clutter off the kitchen counter yesterday. This time it was a couple of plants that John hated. I used to like them. But I got over it. I seem to be craving the uncluttered look. It's addictive. I cleared one area and I like it so well now I want to do more and more! Dinner prep is easier and it's easier on the eye not to see clutter everywhere I look.
     6. I also got a load of stuff ready to donate and John helped put it in the car so I can get rid of it this morning when I go out for small group.

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