Monday, February 8, 2016

Short prayers and crepe myrtles

I'm thankful:

1. We cleared out a lot of space in a cupboard last night. I had a collection of empty jars of various sizes. It was definitely getting out of hand-- two shelves full and I didn't use very many of them. 
          How did we wind up accumulating so much stuff? Even after getting rid of large piles, bags and boxes, we still seem to have clutter every where I look. But, I know, this is not supposed to be a gripe session! :-)

2. for the sermon on prayer yesterday. It was timely and helpful. I've been trying to pray more consistently for John and a few other people. I am keeping the list very short so I can keep it up. but even with a short list I was getting discouraged. My brain seems to freeze every time i start. I just could not think of much to pray most of the time.  Pastor said that most of the prayers in the Bible are short. We looked at several and it was true they were short. Some were also quite simple. He compared it to children in a family. The older children might say, "Mom, please pass the bread." The little ones might just say, "bread" while reaching for it. And the baby would just cry. But all would have their needs met. Though I'm not a little child, I sometimes feel like one. Besides Jesus said we are to come to Him like little children.

3. I ordered a nifty looking organizer for the cutlery drawer. I'll try to remember to post more about it when it comes (with photos).

4. i discovered today that there was a comment waiting to be moderated! The first time I looked i did not see it. Then i looked a few seconds later and there it was.

5. We got our crepe myrtle "trees" pruned this weekend. No we did not commit "crepe murder." At least we tried not to. We're trying to encourage them to grow out fuller like a tree. I say them because there are two. One on either side of the fence. For years we never trimmed them at all. They just grew straight up. They don't get much light there, so they looked like sparse very tall paint brushes. We trimmed them for the first time last year, but I thought they needed more off this year.  Next year I think they will just need a little clean up at the bottom and the insides. Here's a photo.

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Melissa said...

We are also decluttering at the moment. I too got rid of a whole lot of jars and I have also cleared a lot of our kitchen bench. We are up to sorting out the knives so reading your blog was quite fun as I was like 'yep, I can relate to that.' Congrats on getting loads taken to the op shop. Always a good feeling - especially if you don't come home with even more :-)