Friday, June 27, 2008


when i started this blog, i hoped to fill it with all the wonderful spiritually uplifting insights that God would show me.

But lately instead of leaping on the mountains spiritually speaking I feel more like I'm slogging through a swamp. The occasional glimmers of light turn out to be swamp gas instead of a lasting breakthrough.

Not sure what the trouble or more importantly what the solution is. Maybe just patience and time and allowing myself to rest. I have been battling infections and fluctuating hormones (sorry guys). Pushing past my feelings and getting stuff done helps a little, but only momentarily.

Maybe I should get out more, see some friends and do something fun. I have been feeling lonely and disconnected. Yesterday I went into the office (I usually work at home) I found myself not wanting to leave. It was good to be around people and to be out of the house for a while.

I am glad for God's grace and that Jesus is (still) holding me together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, your advice for your self is good. We all (even introverts like me) need time with others. Hope you can get the balance better this week, and that your hormones give you a break too. Don't be too hard on your self when you have a low day (or two). Love S

Sharon C said...

Have you ever tried rebuking the enemy? Something like, "If this is the enemy making me feel this way, stop it, I forbid it!" Sometimes I've been amazed at the effect that has (of course occasionally it has no effect, so I guess sometimes it's just me!). The hardest part I've found is actually making myself do it, it's so much easier to wallow!

Love, Sharon C

Anonymous said...

Still not going well? No new blog entry yet. )-: