Sunday, April 27, 2008

One of my favorite things

Every April when the bluebonnets come out, my husband and I try to make time to go see them. This year we took my brother. I wanted him to see one of my favorite things about Texas.

Seeing them reminds me of my first spring here.

That winter had been harsh and cold. Everything around was brown and bleak.

My life felt like that too. The grief of losing my Dad and other stresses that year had taken a toll on me emotionally and spiritually.

That morning as I drove to work, there they were--the bluest flowers I had ever seen! Not just one or two but large patches all along both sides of the freeway. It was just stunning. They were highlighted by the sun and were even more noticeable against the dead brownness around them.

I felt like I had been given a gift.

When I got to work I raved about the amazing sight and asked Ed, my coworker, if he knew what they were. He could hardly believe I didn’t know about bluebonnets – the Texas state flower. I think he was slightly amused and more than a little pleased by my na├»ve delight.

Now every April when the bluebonnets come out I think of that morning when God brought hope alive in me again.

Follow this link to see some really great photos of bluebonnets!

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