Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Springtime!

This morning I was so pleased to see the pink blooms on this (fruitless peach) tree. And all the other trees have greened up too. I just love this upwards view from my kitchen window. I feel like I am looking up into heaven. (I guess the chain is a little distracting, but I look past it now)

At the momment the downwards view is not too pretty (see below). But I'm working on that.

A friend recently gave me a journal called “Ladies of the Garden” It has helpful info, pretty drawings and places to jot notes about my garden.

In it she wrote: “To all your future gardens – may they be filled with the fragrance and bounty of the life that Jesus offers us each day!”

Today after looking at it again and rereading her message I felt so encouraged and even got inspired to go work in my garden! :-) Thanks S--.

Here is a before picture of my patio garden in all of its weedy ugliness. Hopefully I will soon have a nice "after" picture to post

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