Thursday, March 13, 2008

De-cluttering my mind

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

It doesn't take many empty sources of entertainment to clutter up my mind till I can hardly think straight.

I get easily hyped up just from life sometimes. Especially when there are a lot of changes. Like now. New job, steep learning curve, need all my brain cells on tap and flying in formation for this one! New ministry (yes I'm including this blog -- I hope it is anyway). New church, which means a lot of new people to relate to. New cell group, ditto.

And in a few weeks our household will be increasing. My brother is coming to stay for an indefinite period (he got the job!). At the same time two cats are coming to stay for a year. (They belong to a friend who is going over seas for a year and can't take them with her.)

So back to the entertainment-cafeine-sugar fast. And yes that means no tv, chocolate or reading for fun. Reading the Bible is allowed! :-)

I did this for the month of January too. But the reasons then were mostly spiritual--I felt God wanted me too. And our pastor encouraged us all to fast something during that month. It was good. It nearly drove me crazy at times. But it really helped me to get my mind back and refocus my life. It also helped me to relax more - I even slept better. All of life started to feel like a meditation. It was amazing. I started getting closer to God too--that was the spiritual part. That other stuff was just a bonus.

This time it feels more like a survival technique.

I am also trying to simplify and declutter. Yesterday I tidied my office. Clutter is distracting. I didn't get rid of stuff, just moved it out of sight--does that count?

Also trying not to worry ...

And not multi task too much --eg: no reading while I eat. That was something I learned about during another high stress period. It felt like a waste of time at first but then it started to feel like a gift to myself. Meal times became a sort of mini-vacation. I don't have to justify my existence every minute of the day. I don't need to be afraid of quiet alone times. Eating outside on my patio is even nicer. Is it possible to feel seratonin levels increasing? If it is I can definitely feel them then.

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