Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time to bathe the cat!

Our temporary cat, Sonya, has been doing her best to make sure I won’t miss her when she’s gone. Her latest ‘trick’ is to take regular dirt baths.

In desperation I went on-line to learn why and how to break her of it. I found these instructions on how to bathe a cat. (I probably won’t try it, but it was good for a laugh.) If you want a laugh; or if you need to bathe your cat, check out:

Also check out these instructions on how to give your cat, or dog, a pill. I laughed so hard I got a tummy ache.

Sonya's still dirty, but after all that laughing I'm feeling less annoyed. :-)


Sharon C said...

I also liked the next page, the cat and dog diaries:

Cathy said...

Wow, can I ever relate! Rocky (our 22 lb kitty) has decided he'd rather spend more time outdoors, even though he's declawed. He loves rolling in the dirt, and we hardly recognize the brown cat (he's normally very white) that comes back to our door. I haven't had the courage yet to attempt a bath, but loved the directions on how to do it so I'll be more informed when it's time!

Susanna said...

I used to brush her, Sharon, or use some damp kitchen roll to get most of it off. But she did hate even that. I think (some?) cats must like the feel of the dust in their fur. And they have so much fun rolling in it!

Anonymous said...

I have to confess that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the instructions for how to bathe a cat. It made me better understand why I have always had dogs rather than cats in my life. I am blessed in that the few cats I did allow in my life were "self-bathers." I'm afraid I would never have had the time (nor energy)to go through the procedures recommended by the author. But thanks for allowing me to "laugh out loud" as they say. So enjoyable! I do feel so much better now.

SharonT. said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for your comment.

At the momment I feel in need of a lift. Maybe I should read that post again. A laugh might help me too.

Sharon T.