Sunday, May 11, 2008

Something to celebrate

Friday night the waitress asked me if I have children. I shook my head, feeling embarrassed and wanting to disappear. I had hoped to avoid such reminders of that when I planned this weekend away. After an awkward pause the waitress finished with, "well have a nice weekend anyway."

Later I thought, I should have said, "no, but I have my mother still and that is something to celebrate!"

I know I can't really escape the day. Even if I went to a far away place where they don't celebrate Mother's Day, I would still remember.

Of course I don't really want to escape remembering my Mother and the other women who have blessed my life. I have to choose to focus on what I do have to be thankful for rather than what I don't have.

So this morning I suggested we spend some time thanking God for our mothers and praying for them. We do have much to celebrate: loving mothers who faithfully cared for us as we grew up and still give of themselves in many ways; both of them are still living; both of them love God and did their best to help us to know him too.

I also celebrate the other women in my life who have nurtured me over the years. Even friends my own age. Mothering is primarily about nurturing others and helping them grow into the people God intended. We can all do that for each other.

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